Gateway Mural Project

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The 6,000 square feet Mural along Tully Rd was unveiled on August 1, 2019 at the 75th Santa Clara County fair- celebrating Santa Clara County’s 15 cities- painted by more than 20 local Artist . Lila Gamellos, The artist commissioned to direct the mural project, was selected partly due to an interesting anecdote she shared with the selection committee. A San Jose native, Lila was inspired to pursue a career as an artist after winning an art competition held at the 50th Santa Clara County Fair in 1994.

Painted by Lila Gamellos, on the Eastern end of Gateway Hall Here painted is a historical timeline of Santa Clara County, from Ohlone wilderness, to the Spanish Mission period, to the Valley of Heart’s Delight into the Silicon Valley.

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The City of San Jose was represented by Exhibition District and artist Mario Dimas. The Exhibition District, closely affiliated by San Jose studio Local Color facilitated Mario’s creatively landscape of vibrant city.


The City of San Jose was represented by Exhibition District and artist Mario Dimas. The Exhibition District, closely affiliated by San Jose studio Local Color facilitated Mario’s creatively landscape of vibrant city.

GILROY – 1870

Gilroy’s Gateway mural painted by Dabble Art Center director and instructor Sheryl Cathers. Sheryl’s collage of Gilroy’s landscape and culture is instantly indicative of her hometown and South County.


Los Gatos’ Township offered up a name of an artist they really enjoyed working with recently on their Art Box program. This Gateway of Lexington Reservoir complete with technicolor Bobcat was painted at Bhavna Misra. 


Palo Alto Public Art regular, artist Megan Sara Stevens, brings us this mandala created from natural, native flora and fauna from the North County. This sketch was originally a photograph.


This Gateway Mural was painted by Bay Area juggernaut Edward “Scape” Martinez. Downtown’s skyline can be seen nestled amongst circuitry and clouds. 


Morgan Hill was represented by educational artist Artist Paul J. Gonzalez. This vibrant look at Morgan Hill’s agricultural landscape, Mt. El Toro and El Camino Real is a great way to capture the City of Morgan Hill.


This collaboration was facilitated by Art Judge and Mayor Larry Klein of Sunnyvale. Led by Deepti Nanawati with ArtCircle Studio, The Sunnyvale Arts Club was able to raise funds for sustainability and events whilest bringing an urban rainforest centered around Historic Murphy Street to our County Fairgrounds. Artists Penny Nolan, Angelo Lopez, Jenny Tang, Ishwarryah SR, Lavonne Carrick, Kanchan Paranjpe, Ketaki Adi, Neela Shukla, and Jayashree Sadashivan participated.


After 40 years, Santa Clara County adds another city to its roster and we invited this phenom to represent where she owns property and a business, where she raised her family and where she calls home. Morgan Bricca painted a Gateway that is a vintage map with her lovely daughter busting through. Truly a piece of her heart.


Also founded that year, we add Campbell and Campbell Public Artist Pam Mossing, to our mural walk. Pam’s experience in graphic design is evident with this bespoke creation for the Orchard City, lifting the highlights straight out of downtown.


This Gateway Mural was carefully researched and stylishly painted by Francisco Ramirez . A Mexico City transplant, Ramirez grew up along the Milpitas/San Jose border and felt strongly discussing its Native Americans and rush to incorporate into a City, alongside its historic adobe, Ford Factory and classic rolling hills.

Cupertino 1955

Cupertino’s Gateway mural literally completes in a gate with the title of the City. Joseph Demaree painted this conceptual masterpiece complete with Silicon City of Cupertinos being plucked from the orchard and technology assisting in that harvesting. This is a statement on where Cupertino came from and where it is today.


The Saratoga Mural was the most literal Gateway painted in the Mural collaboration. Representing this City is Saratoga Contemporary Artists led by Dr. Greg Cheung. They used the challenging space to the max with 4 brick arches opening into Saratoga’s iconic landmarks.


Foothill College student and professional graphic designer, Tanya Fisher, made her interpretation of Foothill and Los Altos Hills, along with the interactive deer that often halts traffic on campus.


Thomas Kinkade inspired 5 artists to pay homage to different facets of Kinkade’s personality, artistic prowess and commercial success. First time mural painters Kachan Paranjpe Khadilkar and Ketaki Adi painted a pair of bridges over the doorway. Joseph Demaree captures his life studies while Francisco Ramirez and Lila Gamellos covered portraits of differing personality traits.